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I was born in Ankara, Turkey in 1979. As a Piscean I have always kept a deep
enthusiasm and curiosity towards ‘the unknown’ and been amazed by the
mystery of the Universe, which became the first motivation to devote my life to the path of spirituality and mystical studies.
In the last ten years, I’ve been practicing and teaching Yoga and Tantra in
Thailand (Agama Yoga), India and Europe and also had the joy of teaching in my
own language by organizing various workshops and retreats in Turkey since
2012. I became a Yoga teacher in 2011 and started teaching immediately, yet
also continued my advanced Yogic studies on Metaphysics, Art of Dying,
Kashmiri Shaivism, Raja Yoga, Tibetan Yoga and also taught in many Yoga
Teacher Training courses and retreats. In my spiritual journey, having had the
chance to study such genuine and powerful esoteric teachings has been my
gateway to higher wisdom, discovering the Tantric mentality and experiencing
the inner transformation through my own practice has been my main guide and
sharing this knowledge through my classes, workshops and retreats has been the gift of this experience.

I’ve also been involved with Shamanic studies since 2104, have done psycho-
spiritual retreats on The Path of the Heart with Sri Prem Baba, and been
practicing Prem Nuti’s ‘The Heart Light Method’ in the last five years. Raising
awareness on negative emotions and unconscious patterns through my own
practice of this method has allowed me to feel and read such energies in all
humanity. This made me less judgmental and brought so much peace and
compassion into my daily life, added perspective to my teachings and insights
into my meditations. Inspired by the yield of this precious method, I am very
enthusiastic to work with other people and guide them gently through their
emotional suffering and unconscious patterns to bring more love and light into
this world. 
Bringing all these different branches such as Yoga, Tantra, Shamanism and
psychological studies gives me more insight of the human psyche and supports
me to have a holistic look on the person’s life and find ways to bring healing and
knowledge, cultivate more love and light.

What We Do

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